Hello again bookclubbers!

I apologize for the lack of posts, but I assume everyone is busy enjoying the summer time and reading the book and articles on our reading list for the first month of Feminist Summer Book Club! (Just a reminder, the reading list for the first month is available online here, and stable links to all four documents for the first list are also available here!)

I have been recovering from getting my wisdom teeth out but am back today to say this is the LAST WEEK of the first month of FSBC, so get to reading! :)

I’ve already posted some basic questions in the discussions section of our Goodreads group, which everyone who is a member of the group should be able to reply to.

Also, the submit and ask options for this blog are up and running, so please feel free to submit questions, thoughts, reflections, and comments as they come to you (via text, video, haiku, artwork, whatever) about any or all of our reading material and we’ll get it out so everyone can see.

Happy Thursday!